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Finback Crispy Buoy

ABV 4.9
Style German Pilsner
Brewery Finback
Collaboration Interboro
Source New York, New York
Delivered from Alphabet City Beer Co
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Product Description

Collaboration with Interboro Spirits & Ales

Pours a large foamy frothy head with medium retention, decent lacing, crystal clear pale golden tan color

Nose fair herbal floral hops, noble hops with a little spicy note late, light malt, some grainy sweet pilsner malt, straw

Taste brings sweet grainy malt, a hint of salt and mineral notes, with background sulfate, into hops, big noble hop presence, very floral and a little fruity, medium bitterness turning to a crisp bitter finish, grainy malt with a touch of corn DMS pilsner late, quick crisp finish, solid soft lager

Mouth is med bod, medium to higher carb, little soft lager, crisp lager and crisp bitterness